Wiesby / Visby Mølle

  • Hallo Leute!

    This post is about danish skilling issues on letters sent to Visby. Similar letters also exist with the SH stamps.

    Some SH collectors may have stumbled on these kind of objects. They are distinct in the way, that they are usually only coverfronts and addressed to Frederik Höyberg, Visby Mølle and in a few cases to Frederik Höyberg, Visby Hedegaard.

    Höyberg was a miller and all these coverfronts originates from what I presume is the mill's business archive. This could at least explain why only the coverfronts are existing, while the business contents has been removed.

    The archive contained letters from nearby small villages (on the Tønder - Ribe mail route) and to my knowledge there are a few postmarks which are only known to originate from the Visby Mølle archive. These include the so-called Esrom-type postmarks, with three rings and a village abbreviation: DSTRP(Døstrup), REISB (Reisby), BBRO (Bredebro), BRNS (Brøns). Other quite rare postmarks from the archive are SKJBK (Skjærbæk) and numeral 161 (Ballum), though these are known from sources other than the Visby Mølle archive. The archive also contained more common postmarks, e.g. from Tønder.

    I have not been able to find out much information on the discovery of the archive. I know that Danish auction houses has sold a few of these, and sometimes several objects on the same auction.

    I wonder if anyone knows any details on the circumstances of the finding ? And for how long objects from the archive has been around on the market ?
    For instance, have you seen references to these coverfronts in philatelistic articles or auctions that predates 1970 - or even 1930 ?

    Here are some examples from my collection. I do not have any Esrom-types in my collection except SKJBK and would be very interested in seeing such.

    (1) Numeral 73 - Tønder
    (2) Numeral 161 - Ballum
    (3) Esrom-type SKJBK - Skjærbæk.
    (4) Letter, inside-dated Visby Mølle. Only few franked covers are known from Briefsammlungsstelle Visby Mølle. The content does not indicate any relation to Höyberg.

    Cheers Ole

  • Hej Ole,

    Sorry for the late answer (but I was not able to enter the forum for months).

    Thank you for showing these impressive pieces of your collection.
    I am afraid that this topic is too special and only a few collectors are aware of it. Nevertheless it would be very interesting to find out more about it.

    I saw the first cover fronts with these ESROM type cancellations on Hoiland auctions 10 to 15 years ago. The prices were and are quite high, especially for Schleswig Holstein covers, since only a few items exist.

    According to my knowlegde references are hardly to find. There are old articles from 1948 and 1959 (in NFT) but they do not show pictures.
    May be the Danish Postal History Society knows more and could help?

    Kind regards,

  • Hi nordlicht

    Yes, Visby philately is indeed a very narrow corner. When I started drilling down into it, I found the topic quite fascinating, with a lot of unknown circumstances to be discovered - or rediscovered.

    It's interesting information that you have. Though I have not found the auction catalogue yet, I am informed that particularly Thomas Hoiland's 128th auction had many Visby objects on. The auction was in November 2008, which matches with your observations.

    It's very interesting that you mention the NFT articles - I will definitely have to find those too. Do you remember whether they are about Esrom-cancellations in general or also mention any from the Sønderjylland area? My point is, that if e.g. BBRO (Bredebro) was mentioned in the 1949 article and if it's assumed that the BBRO, DSTRP, REISB and BRNS-strikes are only known from the mill's archive, then it can be concluded that the finding of the archive predates 1949.

    Good idea about contacting the Postal History Society. If I find out anything new, I will update in this thread.

    Since I wrote the original post I have acquired the attached coverfront sent to Höyberg (check spelling:-). It's unusual in the way, that it's franked with Fire RBS (Thiele III printing, 1854), where most Visby fronts I know, are franked with 4 sk. 1858 or 1863 issues. In some cases, I have also seen 4 skilling 1854 or the SH issues (Have attached a SKJBK on SH, though it can not be confirmed to originate from the mill's archive).



  • Hello Ole,

    Congratulation to you Visby cover front with Fire RBS. I think it will be difficult to find a second one. Although cover collecting in Visby started in July 1853 so that some more of these issues should exist, especially with Thiele III printing.

    I still have the Hoiland 128th auction catalogue if you want me to look something up for you.
    And I already sent to you some more information via "conversation".

    Kind regards to Denmark,

  • Hi Nordlicht

    Very, very interesting info you provided in the conversation (and most sorry I didn't see your message before now!)

    It can be concluded, that the Visby archive is mentioned by name as early as 1959. And Arnholtz more than indicates, that usage of the four non-SKJBK SH-ESRs has been known, at least since the 1940's - and so, also the finding of the archive.

    Funny detail, that the ESR-ABILD stamp was considered genuine back then.

    So I basically see two possible scenarios:

    1. Höyberg sold the archive himself, before his death in 1919.

    2. The archive was sold after his death between 1919 and the 1940's.

    As of now, I would guess option 1, based on the actual content is generally removed, leaving only the letter fronts.

    It's fair to assume that the archive has been quite fragmented over time.

    Still to my knowledge, is the 128th auction the largest single-outlet of Visby material - and therefore possibly also the largest and most representative "set of data", to say something about the statistical distribution of covers/singles/skilling/SH.

    One of the aspects of the Visby archives that intrigues me the most, is what it contained.

    I have never found any indications that there should exist a full inventory list of the archive, so we'll probably never know better, than an approximation.

    Could I ask you to count the number of Visby-related Skilling issues and the number of SH-issues offered in the 128th catalogue? Any addressed to "Visby Hedegaard" instead of "Visby Mølle"?

    Cheers, Ole

  • Hej Ole,

    The cover fronts with Fire RBS and with SH issues confirm a time period of usage at least between 1854 and 1864. If really a complete archive of 10 years was sold, there should be more items known?

    I had a look into the auction catalogue and found 7 ESROM cancellations on SH issues.

    Mange hilsener