"170" Holstein Railway on dk#2b

  • The second Danish stamp, 2 Rigsbankskilling, was intended to be used for local mail in Copenhagen, being the only in city in Denmark large enough, to have a local mail service in 1851/52 (apart from Aalborg - Nørresundby).

    The stamp came in to prints, 2a (Ferslew print, 1851 - burlage on copper plates) and 2b (Thiele print, 1852).

    Almost all 2a's are mutely cancelled, while 2b are typically cancelled with numeral "1" (Copenhagen).

    Very few 2 RBS-stamps exist with other postmarks than mute or "1" - numeral "34" (Copenhagen railway service) being the most "often" seen.

    Below is a rare copy used in Schleswig-Holstein, cancelled by the Holstein railroad with numeral "170".

    The stamp was in Carl Aage Møllers (BPP) private collection until 2012, where it was auctioned by Postiljonen (Sweden).

    Cheers, Ole

  • Great item!

    These stamps were not sold at post offices in Schleswig-Holstein (no need since there was no local mail service). That means only travellers brought these stamps into the dutchies and had to use at least two for the domestic postage of 4 Skilling. Therefore it is understandable that these stamps were not often used in Schleswig-Holstein. There are only a few others known, with numeral cancellation "121" (Kiel) and railway cancellation "168" too.

    Kind regards,

  • Dear nordlicht

    I agree with your comments - and I also do not know any other SH postmarks on 2 RBS Thiele.

    Wrt "168", I think this is only "semi-confirmed" - the only proof I personally have seen, is below from Bruun-Rasmussen, auction 863. However, I agree with Vagn Jensen and Lasse Nielsen, that this is most likely postmark "168".

    Wrt 2 RBS cancelled "121" in Kiel: A non-defective copy, is in top-3 of my manco list😊

    Cheers, Ole