Bordesholm - CPH w/ town manuscript

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    I recently acquired below set of letters from 1858, both sent from Bordesholm to Copenhagen via steam boat. The first letter is triple cancelled, as it was first attempted cancelled with Bordesholm numeral "155", but then re-cancelled with ink and endorsed with town manuscript "Bordesholm". Arriving in Kiel, the letter was additionally marked with Kiel's numeral "121" (plus antiqua mark, with same date as in Bordesholm) - the other letter with steam boat numeral "190". The letters originates from the Borch Jensen collection.

    Cheers, Ole

  • Hello Ole,

    Congratulation, great covers.
    Although Bordesholm received the numeral postmark "155", it was not often used and the reason is unclear. The pen cancellation in combination with a later numeral cancellation is rare, especially on cover. On top your pair shows a different handling in the superior post office in Kiel. Seemingly the second cover was late in time and was delivered directly to the ship which went regularly between Kiel and Korsör. Normally such ship letters are not pre-cancelled but processed completely on board.
    Very interesting 8)

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  • Hi Nordlicht,

    Sharp observation! I was wondering why they were cancelled with different numerals - but late arrival in Kiel sounds like a very natural explanation :thumbup: