• Hi all,

    Just a few words to introduce myself as a new member here in this forum - and to apologize for not being able to communicate in German (although I can understand a lot). I am a member of the Oslo Philatelic Society and the Norwegian Postal History Society, currently working on a project related to the correspondence between Queen Louise of Sweden-Norway and her governess Victoire wauthier in The Hague. The correspondence covers the period between 1850-71, and naturally involves various transit routes through the German states, which at times brings up questions around transit postage rates, conveyance, postal regulations, etc. I hope you will bear with me :) And I hope of course that I can be of service to this forum as well. Looking forward to many good discussions here. Best regards, Kent

  • Hello Kent

    nice to have you here and the is no reason to apologize for anything.

    Interesting to read what you collect or should I say investigate?

    Nils is/was our 1st member from Norway, so you´ll never feel alone, as he knows a lot about postal history from all around the world.

    Enjoy and ask - feel free to do that as often as you want to.

    Liebe Grüsse vom Ralph

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  • Hi Kent,

    welcome here, feel free to post in English, unfortunately i cannot participate on your topics since they are far from my areas, but some time ago i wrote an article concerning the complain of the Norwegian Post addressed to UPU about the surcharges the Iraqi Post had implemented for the use of the Overland Mail Baghdad-Haifa.

  • You are highly welcomed in this forum run by devoted philatelists. As as matter of personal experience, the forum is extremely responsive, and BayernKlassisch nearly always jumps into every demanding matter, simultaneously providing stellar information about routes and tariffs in pre-UPU Germany 😊 and beyond!

  • Dear Kent,

    you are for sure most welcome here and I believe that everybody will give you his/hers advice in their area of competence when needed.

    Kind regards,