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    I do not see a thread for mail from the United States to Prussia, so I thought I would add one here.

    Here is an example of the 28 cent per 1/2 ounce rate from the United States to Prussia. This 1866 letter was carried on the HAPAG Line's Teutonia and was offloaded at Southampton and taken to Ostende, Belgium. The 7 cents passed to the Prussian mails covered the Prussian internal rate plus 2 cents for the Belgian rail transit from Ostende to Aachen.



  • Greetings everyone,

    Here is a letter from Cincinnati, Ohio in the US to the Rhineland. The rate was 28 cents at the time this was mailed, but 30 cents were applied to the letter. There was still confusion about the rate because two were listed in the postal tables. 30 cents for unpaid letters per half ounce and 28 cents for pre-paid letters per half ounce. Prior to 1861, the rate had been 30 cents, which as another reason many people overpaid the rate.

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    Pälzer would love to have this one in his collection, as he collects this part of Bavaria from 1849 to 1920 and your letter is beautiful.

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  • Arg! Bavaria it is! I was in such a hurry this morning that I did not double check the scan I chose.

    Sorry. :)

    I'll be embarrassed all day long now. :S

    I'll try to look and find the scan I wanted to show....
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  • Here - I show this item instead.

    Kurnik was a Polish town that was inside the borders of Prussia at the time this letter was sent.

    It shows the properly paid 28 cent rate from the US to Prussia via the normal route through Ostende and Aachen.

    I shall try to say nothing more about it for the moment until I have more time to check what I am saying. :D


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  • I am re-showing this letter from New Orleans in the US to Kurnik, by Posen. Then, in Eastern Prussia, but a Polish community.

    It pays 28 cent per 1/2 ounce rate via Prussian Closed Mail.

    I am wondering if someone can help me with the blue and red pencil markings found in the center of this envelope.

    I thought, at one time, that the blue word was just "Orleans." But, I had no idea why it would be written there. Now I doubt myself.

    Also, I see the red pencil markings and wonder if this is some internal accounting. But, that makes no sense to me.

    Thought welcome on this.


  • Hello nordlicht,


    Yes, that makes more sense than any other explanation I was coming up with! :)

    I am not used to seeing that sort of docket on that area of a cover, but it fits perfectly.