Zephyr. Kiel-Fehmern

  • Hej Ole,

    Another very interesting item (and seemingly a cover from the Kurt Hansen collection).
    Especially I like the ship names written on the front side. The Zephyr connected Kiel, Heiligenhafen and Burg (Fehmarn) in the early 1860s. A land route was in place in parallel.

    Probably the sender dropped it directly in the letter box of the ship. So the cancellation of the stamp at the port of destination was the only possibility.

    Kind regards,

  • Hejsa

    I was not aware it's from Kurt Hansen's collection - nice detail :-) I bought on Valby Frim auction a few years ago..

    Fascinating practice, with delivering letters directly to the ship's letterbox.

    I have a 4sk with box canc "Aus ... pr Dampfschiff" - was this cancellation used in the same scenario, where the letter was delivered directly on the pier ?

    Cheers Ole

  • Hello Ole,

    the same practice was on the ferry-boats from Germany to Kobenhavn. There they got the 3-ring cancel #1. As far as I know you can find it on Brustschilde and Pfennige/Pfennig.

    best regards


  • Hi Dieter

    I have seen Pfennige with 3-ring "1" cancellations, but thought it was a cancellation that resembled the CPH strike or a forgery. Thanks for clarifying the background :-) I'll definitely want such a thing in my collection😊

    I don't think Ive seen a Brustschild though - sounds like quite a rarity.

    Cheers Ole