nach niederlande - postmarke ?

  • Hello all!

    I have noticed some similar markings on letters incoming to Amsterdam in the 1860's. Examples are shown below.

    They are a series of numerals, some in black, some in blue. Is there a postal significance here? I also often see the numeral that looks like a '2' or '6' in red or blue on items arriving in Amsterdam. One item is from France, the other, Italy. I have others, but just found the file sizes to be too large, so will work with them later.

    Suggestions as to where to look to figure this out would be appreciated.

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  • Here are the fronts of the covers shown above.

    One from France to Amsterdam and the other from Italy to Amsterdam.

    French cover:
    Double Weight Letter - 40 ctms per 10 gms : Apr 1, 1868 - Dec 31, 1875

    Paris P De La Bourse Jun 3, 1868
    Amsterdam Jun 4, 1868 (verso)

    Italian Cover:
    50 centesimi per 10 grams: Jan 25, 1868 -
    Firenze Ufc Succursale N.4 Apr 28
    (Branch Office Number 4)
    Franco (paid)
    P.D. (paid to destination)
    Verona Apr 28 1868 No 3
    train #3 to Milan
    rail to Como
    steamer on Lago di Como to Colico
    coach to Splugen
    Chur-St Gallen Z14 Apr 30 68
    (Zug 14 - train #14)
    K Wurtt Fahrnd Postamt
    (Wurttemburg ambulant post office)
    Amsterdam 2 Mei 68

  • Hello Rob,

    very interesting row of numbers. I have never seen it before. Mostly written by different persons and missing few numbers. So for me: ???

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  • Dear Rob,

    as far as I can see all the letters were sent to the same addressee, Luden & van Geuns, bankers.
    So my guess would be that the individual numbers represent the stages of a kind of in-house curriculum. The letters were probably handled by different employees who handed them over to the next in the chain of command once they had processed them. Before doing this, they left a hand-written number on the back of the letter representing their department, just to document the letter had been properly processed.
    The last number was either allotted to the archive or the penultimate stage before that.

    Would it make your letters less interesting if the numbers bore no postal relevance? I’m glad to say I don’t think so.

    Best regards & happy new year from Bavaria,

    Viele Grüße aus Erding!

    Achter Kontich wonen er ook mensen!

  • Dietmar,

    How did I MISS that?!?

    No, it is still interesting to me (and perhaps I'll say more on that later). But, that is so terribly obvious now that you say it. :huh:

    And this is why it is wonderful to have access to this forum. I would have seen this eventually, but I clearly had a blind spot. Wow.

    My thanks.