• Hallo,

    Volker, Tim, Dieter, Thank you.

    I was doing some search and this one came out. I was looking at it and checked if the story was plausible before buying it. So went to map et dates and all were ok. (Not the Liechtenstein part Obsiously! :/

    Do I see Darmstadt for first town as Address?

    On the bottom there is "Für xxxxxx Liechtenstein" and behind the austrian taxe sadly an Hotel name I guess.

    Tim! while writting this I was wondering where the heck is the P.4.! Just saw it inverted 8o


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  • Hallo Sylvain,

    yes Darmstadt is ok and it is the Fürstentum Liechtenstein and the Hotel badischer Hof / Basel ..but what da heck... 😂 ...did you mean with the one-liner then ?



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  • Hallo Tim,

    I was wondering about the one over the Switzerland taxe stamp. But very hard to read. I found the Porto Control in my SEM page 425. Between 1900-1920.

    Spring is here no more snow and clean up started. 8)