Altona Rahmenstempel (Rammestempel)

  • Hallo folkens

    I just acquired this 4 RBS Thiele II with Altona cancellation. It has certificates from Lasse Nielsen and Carl Aage Møller, but neither describes further about the strike, other than it's a "rammestempel". I checked in my literature, but all listed rectangular-ish strikes from Altona seems to also have a date inside - this one does not - I cant even spot any ink remains, from what could have been a worn-out date mark. The stamp was issued in 1853, so the strike is probably from 1853 or 1854.

    I would be happy if anyone could help to identify this.


  • Moin Ole,
    There were two very similiar rectangel ALTONA cancellations: the first one (with day, month, year) from 1835 to 1839 and the second one (with day, month) from 1853 to 1854.
    Although it is without date, your example is clearly the second one.

    Kind regards,

  • Mojn Nordlicht

    I reached the same conclusion and I am happy that you did too, which gives me assurance. I was thinking that, the logical reason for the date is missing, need not be more mysterious than, as the cancellor's date digits can be changed, then they can probably also be set in an idle/blank position to produce a "clean" square strike.