Introducing myself - from Odense

  • Hello everyone!

    I just joined and would like to introduce myself. I am Danish, 47 years old at this time of writing, and working as an IT-consultant. I'm living in Odense and was born and raised in Aabenraa (Apenrade). So being a Slesviger, my collection is a Heimat-Sammlung of sorts.

    My main interest is cancellations from the nowadays Schleswig-Holstein and Sønderjylland regions on Danish stamps, 1851-1864. This includes cancellations with numerals, ink and any of the many special post marks from this area.

    However, I do also look into other periods, such as 1864 - 1920 and philately from the 1920 Plebiscit.

    Over the years, I have found much valuable information in this forum, so I'm happy to join and looking forward to contribute to the discussions.

    I read German quite well and can, though with some struggle, also write in German, but I prefer writing in English.

    See you in the forums!

    /Ole (Aabenraaer)

  • Hello Ole

    nice to have you here - there are some collectors in the forum like you and we all would like to see the items of your collection. So go ahead and no worry - almost every member can read and/or understand English. :)

    Liebe Grüsse vom Ralph

    Terret vulgus, nisi metuat. Tacitus

  • Hello Ole,

    welcome in the forum. If there are questions I think you will get answers within short time as here are some collectors with the same interests like yours.

    best regards


  • Hallo Ole,


    good to have an expert from Denmark here now ! In the next days I will present some further semi-classic incoming-mail-letters from Denmark to my collection area.


    Und ebenfalls herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 70. an unseren preussen_fan . Von hier aus weiterhin alles Gute vor allem Gesundheit und viel Freude am Hobby !


    Viele Grüße


    vom Pälzer

  • Hi all
    Thank you very much for your kind welcome!
    @Erwin: Also a Happy Birthday from Odense :-)
    @Ralph: I would be happy to share my collection. I have scanned parts of it for insurance purposes, so I will soon put the scans into a zip file and post a link in the Slesvig-Holsten section.

    Have a nice weekend, everyone!

  • Hi Ole,

    I don't have discipline to check the thread in order to welcome new members. I'm from the other side of the pond :)

    Welcome here, nice place to be.

    Best regards


  • Welcome Ole!
    From one who pretty much MUST write English to be understood! :) I've found this to be a wonderful forum and have felt welcomed. I think I've only been involved for a year?

    I think the only thing I have problem with is the very large number of threads. It can be hard to figure out where to go to be on topic. But, that is a small problem. :)

  • Hi Sylvain, Rob and Laurent !

    Thank you very much!

    As the posts' date&time painfully clearly reveals, I haven't been too great a keeping myself updated here - I blame it on the very fine weather :-)

    I fully agree with you. I think the level of expertise and dedication found on this forum is impressive. People say, that any topic can be interesting if one drills deeply enough into it. I find this very true, after reading threads on this here forum, which are off-topic wrt to my collection. I am sadly limited by both time and wealth :-)

    Cheers Ole