Danzig to Ghent 1 January 1808 Prusse par Neuss

  • Hello,

    Who can help me to explain the charges on this letter please? The letter is dated Danzig, 1 January 1808 end send to Ghent, arrived on 17 January (French department 92 L’Escaut in Belgium). The charge to be paid in Ghent was 24 decimes, but what are the other figures?
    In the left upper corner I see 6 Déc Déb, and a 2 or 8 ?.
    Left of the handstamp PRUSSE PAR NEUSS there is a 10 and below the handstamp a crossed out 2.
    In the left under corner something is written in red chalk, is this a charge or a franco mark? On the back side there is a 20 just under the year 1808. Who can help me ?
    Note this is a very early use of the PRUSSE PAR NEUSS handstamp, in use from the 1st January 1808.

    Best wishes, Willy